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    1, the factory provides full plastic thread PP-R pipe fittings products are in accordance with (GB/T18742.3-2002<< cold hot water polypropylene pipe system third parts: pipe fittings) testing standards.
    2, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, PEX pipe fittings production and testing standards in accordance with the GB/T18997-2003 standard and GB/T18991-2003.
    3, the factory supply pipe fittings products into the local market, after local authorities sampling, quality and technical supervision of qualified to enter the local market sales.
    4, the factory has a complete and effective quality assurance system, the implementation of the material procurement, processing and processing of the whole process of strict quality control. Advanced production equipment, sophisticated technology, perfect detection means.
    5, tracking the user's quality information feedback, desire a feedback on the file and regular customers pay a return visit system, to the customer of the proposed problems timely solve and take corrective and preventive measures, to customers implement life-long service system.
    6, detailed and detailed introduction to the customer products, to assist the user to install, introduce the use of methods, technical requirements and technical guidance.
    7, the factory to provide accessories products such as the quality of the problem, the cost of handling quality problems incurred by the factory. If the quality of the project occurred, the authority issued by the authority of the report, is indeed the factory product quality problems, the project is responsible for rework.
    8, the product service life of 50 years.


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